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suggestions1's Journal

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Okay, here's what we do here. We leave suggestions of things people might like. How would we know what someone may like? well, because they'll post a list of stuff. But then it's not only that, it's like suggestions for anything. Here are some examples of posts and comments:

I like Salvador Dalí, René Magritte, & Hieronymus Bosch. Any suggestions of other artists I may like?

suggestion: Have you ever heard of Naomi Nowak?

I have muscle soreness and stifness. I like herbal remedies. I've tried chamomile tea.

suggestion: Have you tried a bath using eucalyptus salts?

I like Deisel, Dolce and Gabbana, and Alexandre Plokhov. Does anyone have suggestions for affordable clothes I could buy?

suggestion: How about Target or enterclothingwebsitehere.com?

I like to garden in my spare time, but I recently moved to a place with no yard.

suggestion: how about potted plants? or having a small zen garden inside? Or how about making plants with Legos?

post: My favorite Movie is Star Wars. I'd like another really good sci-fi to watch.

suggestion: How about The Fifth Element? and eventhough it's not a sci-fi, you might also like X-Men 3.

Well, those are examples of posts, but then you could just simply make a list or related things like favorite movies or favorite books, and maybe someone will be like, "Hey I like that book, and I also like such and such books, maybe you'll like them too!"

get it? good.

Have fun!