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OK, well, I was going to go on here to ask for suggestions about something, but then I realized it only has to do with Flagler college, but hell, I'll try anyway. We had our first PRSSA (public relations student society of america) meeting this evening, and we were trying to come up with an idea for an event or two to hold on campus, that we could promote (because that's what we do...we promote and publicize), that we could actually get students to come out to. What would interest students enough to make them participate?

Things to consider:

-it needs to be on campus
-it can't involve alcohol
-we would need to raise money in some way
-it needs to be exciting enough to pull in people who live off campus too

How would we raise money? What charity or organization do you believe the proceeds should go to?

List of things we were talking about doing:

-a dance
-a cancer walk
-halloween movie night

For those of you who aren't familiar with Flagler College, it's a realtively small campus with about 2,000 students, and it's a dry campus, no inter-dorm vistitation between girls and guys, and is full of artsy, laid back beach people.

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