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21 Things to Do Before You Turn 21

21 Things to Do Before You Turn 21

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from Seventeen Magazine:

1) Take a road trip
2) Learn to play an instrument
3) Go skinny dipping
4) Save $1,000
5) Know your grandparents
6) Buy a lottery ticket
7) Win an award
8) say "I Love You"
9) learn to drive a stick shift
10) milk a cow
11) forgive someone
12) have your fortune told
13) Go to a drive-in (theater)
14) Do your own laundry
15) Ride a horse
16) Donate your formal dresses
17) See the ocean
18) Waitress at least once
19) See at least one thing that is "the world largest"
20) Leave the country
21) Learn to love your body

I'd really like to do these things. I'm going to take this very seriously and try to accomplish it all. Except for the waitressing one. I'd like to replace that one with something else. Does anyone have any suggestions (especially people who are 21 or older) as to what YOU'D recommend doing before turning 21? FYI, I'll turn 20 in October, so I have a little over a year to accomplish everything. Thanks!
  • Let's see, what have you done? 8, 11, 14, 17, 21 (I think). Oh yea, 20 (you went on that cruise right?) As for anything else, I don't know. now, what have I done? 1,2 (piano, but I haven't practiced, so I can't really do it too well anymore), 4, 7, 8, 11, 12, 14, 17, 20, now I know I've seen the world's largest something, I just can't think what yet.
    • I've also kind of done 2) cello in 5th grade, 4, 7, 10 (but not in a long time), 12, 15, and yes, 20, and I'm working on 21
      • you know what? I've so milked a cow before. I may or may not ever ride a horse. it's one thing I'm trying to work out in my head whether I'll do it or not.
  • Waitress seems like a silly filler thing 'cause they couldn't come up w/ anything else. I think you should make your own list of things you WANT to do before you turn 21. I have friend who make lists of stuff they want to do "by the end of the summer" or "by the end of the school year" or whatever and at the end, they go through the list and check off stuff they've done and they other things carry over to the next time, if they still want to do them. I haven't really been motivated enough to do it, but it seems like a cool idea. I guess my list would be:
    1) Make a list.

    But yeah, I think you should either edit this list a bit or add to it in order to personalize, then it will mean more to you, as opposed to meaning something to you THROUGH some magazine who doesn't really give a crap what you do.
  • (Anonymous)
    i think that the waitress thing should definitely be on there! You get the opportunity to meet tons of new people and earn great tips depending on where you work at! I saved up $1000 in just three weeks!
  • (Anonymous)
    you should really waitress its a life changing experience even if its just for a summer. you learn a lot about tolerating people and a lot about yourself.
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