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Here's some people and bands I like

30 Seconds to Mars
The Killers
Brand New
Simon and Garfunkle
Fall Out Boy
All American Rejects
The Servant
Dismemberment Plan
Joe Hisaishi

and I also like 90s rock, Mozart's requiems, and stuff

Does anyone reccomend some bands or songs or whatever I might like? I'd really like to get into a big music discussion.

Current favorite song right now= Dream Awake by The Frames
  • you have good music taste :) anyway, something I use is www.pandora.com. you put in a song or an artist you like, and it plays songs they think you'd like based on your original input. you can create multiple "radio" stations... it's all i listen to at work, and i find lots of artists/bands i've never heard of that way :)
    • oh yea, i just wanted to say that pandora radio is the coolest thing ever. Thanks for introducing it to me.
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