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Ok, so I finally thought of something legitimate to ask about...so I bike ride at least 4 times a week. I listen to my I-Pod while I ride to make it more fun, but when I get tired of my music, I'm less inclined to go, besides, I'd like to do something else besides ride my bike all the time you know? I like swimming, but I don't have access to a pool all that regularly. I'm not that big on running, but I do power walk. I can't afford to go to a gym. Suggestions on exercise methods, please and thank you!
  • rollerblade, that'd be like what $39 for new skates? Um... dance. You know what? when you're home alone and watching TV, dance the entire commercial break for every commercial break. Lot of commercials have music, so it should be easy. rent like a yoga or pilates DVD. Warning, pilates is hard. Yea, it LOOKS really really easy, Hell, it even sounds easy, but no, it's hard.
    Um... go out in the yard or find a nice place and recite poetry like you're on stage acting in a play. It can get a bit active. It's more active than watching TV anyway. Another thing that I used to do when I was my mom's "personal trainer" We'd do exercises, and when you cannot possibly do any more, do ten more. It sounds dumb, but it really works. if you'd like, when we get back to school, I'll be your "personal trainer." It'll be really hard, I wont lie. But you know what? I'll do everything myself too. It wont make the exercises or diet any easier, but at least you know you wont be alone.
    • yeah, that might be my next investment, rollerblades. I love rollerblading. I want to rollerblade right now! oh no, I'm too tired anyway. I've done pilates before, and I agree, it is hard. Actually, you know what would be good as far as the personal training thing? Remember when we rode our bikes to the beach? You may have been more used to it, but I on the other hand got a lot out of that physically, so you could nag me to do that more often. I need to get back to doing sit-ups just before I take a shower.
      • But you know, exercise doesn't do much without a good diet. And neither one of us were doing very good at diet towards the end of last semester.

        You know what? Since I'm not bicycling alot this summer, it'll be hard for me to ride to the beach too. So at least we'll both be on the same page... 37
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